How does Blender affect the CG production of animated cartoons?

I've only touched blender a little and it depends on future updates of this tool. From an animation CG shop, I think that the advantage of using 3ds MAX for animation CG is gone.

It's not just a simple Autodesk product with too high an annual fee. I think that there are also problems in terms of image creation, which is important in making videos.

The renderer I've been using for a long time, Scanline, isn't keeping up with the times and can't produce a beautiful look, and on the other hand, Arnold is over-spec and too heavy for anime looks.

Personally, I think it's important to be able to create a quality in between that with speed at the anime production site. In that respect, blender is perfect for the production site of animation, and the picture is also good. The free benefit is not the only one, but an indirect benefit.

Being able to make 3DCG data available to all staff other than the 3DCG staff is quite revolutionary for anime production.

I can't say what kind of improvement in productivity can be expected, or if I can see any improvement in terms of image creation, as there are no actual examples yet. It's only a matter of time before a pencil+ blender add-on is added, and the range of geometry node expressions seems to be quite wide.

To be honest, it's attractive to be able to easily create 3ds max flow and FumeFX and create interesting expressions, but if you can run blender real-time rendering on your own, you don't have to have a render farm. Moreover, it is quite big to stop throwing an error unless you install a plugin on each client of several servers of the render farm. In reality, there are companies that are sometimes struggling to improve the environment of their render farms, and the maintenance costs are considerable.

To be honest, I think it's quite difficult for Autodesk to use software called 3ds max and provide a corresponding advantage to animation production sites in exchange for a high annual fee.

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