How to smooth mesh in blender 3.5

ways to smooth mesh in blender 3.5 :

smooth mesh in blender 3.5
ways to smooth mesh in blender 3.5

To smooth mesh in blender 3 is easy, there are two ways to smooth mesh in blender and in this article we will cover how to smooth any mesh with :

  • blender smooth shading.
  • blender subdivision surface.
But in order to get perfect smoothness in blender you must have clean topology, because is really important to clean messy blender topology like ngons that can make your model have artifacts.
  • Try to keep a clean topology and only quads for the subdivision to look smooth

Blender smooth shading :

to smooth an object, you need first to select your blender mesh then:
  1. right-click
  2. select shade smooth.

Blender smooth shading
Blender smooth shading

Blender subdivision surface :

Select the mesh that you want to apply the subdivision surface blender modifier to it then :
  1. go to the modifier panel.
  2. click add modifier.
  3. chose subdivision surface.
that's all, now you just need to adjust the subdivide level.

blender 3.5 subdivision surface
blender subdivision surface

In blender knowing basic functions like shade smooth and subdivision surface is important for 3d model artists, as well as mesh topology.
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