CloudScapes Blender Addon for Creating VDB clouds

Cloudscapes Blender Addon

Blender B-Production, the developers behind many popular blendermarket add-ons like Camofax, GoBots, Textures, and Tree Vegetation, have just released an exciting new Cloudscapes Blender Addon. It provides you with a library of beautiful, photorealistic 3D volumetric clouds in the VDB format. 

CloudScapes Blender Addon for Creating VDB clouds
CloudScapes Blender Addon for Creating VDB clouds 

VDB 3D volumetric clouds

For those who don’t know, VDB 3D volumetric clouds is a technology developed by Dreamworks to store 3-dimensional data grids with a wide range of information, including temperature, density, and velocity. 

This Blender Addon makes it possible to create realistic and complex atmospheric effects like :

  • clouds.
  • explosions.
  • interstellar nebulas.

Cloudscapes Addon

Cloudscapes Addon works as an asset library inside Blender, so you can drag and drop all your assets into the viewport. It also has preset shaders and parameters that you can tweak to create bright or dark clouds, depending on your needs. 

Cloudscapes Addon
Cloudscapes Addon

CloudScapes Blender Clouds addon

The CloudScapes blender clouds addon also features 29 biomes that can be used for geo scatter, so you can add multiple clouds on different strata for maximum realism. The total collection of 212 clouds is divided into 9 families, featuring Smoked Trails, Stratas, Anthostratas, Cirrus, and more. 

The clouds are incredibly realistic, as they are :

  • based on real data and are physically correct. 
  • Moreover, it’s easy to use, so you can quickly customize your clouds and create beautiful skies for renders or animations. 

CloudScapes Blender Clouds addon
CloudScapes Blender Clouds addon
If you’re interested in Cloudscapes, you can find the necessary links in the description. So take your Blender work to the next level with this amazing add-on!
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