Blender Free Plant Library Over 170 3D Assets

 Over 170 3D Assets Blender Free Plant Library

Are you an artist looking for some quality 3D assets for your projects? Look no further! The Plant Library contains over 170+ assets, all render ready, perfect for beginners and hobbyists, but also good enough for 3D professionals. Best of all? It's 100% free! 

Blender Free Plant Library
Blender Free Plant Library Over 170 3D Assets

Blender Free Plant Library

There's literally no reason to not try it out. No catch – it's free to use, a free gift for your asset browser! Download it now and you'll be ready to go. The collection is diverse, with a variety of plant models ranging from :

  • branches debris.
  • bushes and trees.
  • well as neat lawns.
  • forest grounds. 
  • autumn atmospheres.
  • dryland deserts. 

The Plant Library Features :

The Plant Library is also compatible with the Blender asset browser. Just set the path to the .blend file in your blender file-paths preferences in order to install the assets in your library. It's time to drag & drop! 

Geo Scatter blender addon

But why is it free? As the creators of Geo Scatter addon, the leading scattering plugin of Blender, we believe blender is an astonishingly good platform to make environment art! And we want everyone to be able to try it out – dear non-blender users, you don't have an excuse to avoid giving Blender a serious try now! 

So don't miss out on this great opportunity! Download the Plant Library now and start creating beautiful 3D environments. 

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