Auto Rig Pro addon for Blender

Auto Rig Pro: Rigging Characters Easily and Quickly with Blender

Auto Rig Pro is an amazing addon for Blender that makes character rigging, retargeting animations, and providing Fbx/Gltf export, with presets for :
  • Unity, Unreal Engine.
  • Godot a breeze. 
This addon Developed by an experienced rigging artist, Auto-Rig Pro has quickly become a favorite among the Blender community for its ease of use and powerful features.
Auto Rig Pro addon
Auto Rig Pro addon for Blender

Auto Rig Pro addon Features!

  1. For humanoid characters, the Auto Rig Pro addon Smart feature can automatically place the bones, speeding up the process after adding the green markers. The result remains completely editable and allows for fine-tuning and adjustments. 
  2. Non-humanoid characters are also supported, with manual rigging (horses, dogs, etc.) available without the Smart feature.
Auto-Rig Pro is built on a non-destructive workflow, allowing users to easily edit their rigs at any time after generation. With its modular and fully featured design, users can customize the rig definition in only a few clicks. Features such as :
  • fingers, wings, toes, spine bones.
  • multiple neck bones, tails, breasts.
And ears make it the perfect rigging solution for any kind of character. It even supports rigging for spiders and centaurs!

Auto Rig Pro Blender addon

Additionally, the Auto Rig Pro blender addon is optimized for fast animation playback, allowing for smooth performance. Character examples such as Mike (free), Anna, Kevin, Nina, and Alex also make it easy for users to get a feel for how their characters will be animated. 
To get the best auto-skinning results, make sure to use water-tight geometry, and read the product documentation for more information on weight painting and fine-tuning the bones' influence.

If you encounter any bugs with Auto-Rig Pro, make sure to report them. Updates are free for all users and will remain free. Additionally, make sure to read the FAQ and product documentation to solve common issues.

Auto-Rig Pro is an ideal rigging solution for Blender users. With its amazing features and ease of use, it's no wonder why Auto-Rig Pro has become so popular in the Blender community
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