Cablerator Blender Addon For Creating Cables

 Create Cables With Cablerator Blender Addon 

Cablerator is a powerful and versatile Blender addon designed to help users create and edit hanging cables quickly and easily. 

Cablerator Blender Addon
Cablerator Blender Addon For Creating Cables
With Cablerator, users can click on geometry to :

  • create cables.
  • draw cables on planes and geometry.
  • create hanging cables between objects and much more. 

Cablerator also provides tools for creating massive numbers of cables between selected faces, simulating cables with Blender physics, creating insulation between cables and objects, and creating rope-like structures between cables and objects.

Cablerator Addon Features

In addition to creating cables with ease, Cablerator addon provides a wide range of editing tools. Users can quickly edit the width of multiple cables, assign a profile to each cable, and add or remove hooks to cable points. 

Additionally, users can add geometry to segments and end points for cables, split cables with multi-curve profiles to separate them, and create cables based on meshes. 

Cablerator Blender Addon

Cablerator blender addon is an invaluable tool for any Blender user who needs to create or edit hanging cables. With its powerful and intuitive tools, users can quickly and easily create and modify cables of any shape and complexity. 

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