3D Cyberpunk City For Blender

3D Cyberpunk City For Blender 3.6

The world of 3D art has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible for years, and Fujita Sho, a.k.a. noveldrum, is no exception. Recently, he shared a look at his stunning new cyberpunk megacity, currently a work in progress. 

3D Cyberpunk City For Blender
3D Cyberpunk City For Blender 

3D Cyberpunk City Environment For Blender 3.6

This incredible environment, created in Blender, is a stunning example of how 3D art can bring a world to life. With :

  • bright neon signs.
  • bustling crowds.
  • trees swaying in the wind.
The artist is planning to update the neon signs even further down the line, making it even more impressive. As it stands, the new viewport demo runs at double speed due to the sheer amount of detail in the scene.

3D Environment For Blender 3.6

Fujita has always been a creator of futuristic-looking environments and this new cyberpunk-style megacity is no exception. He aims to provide a more "clean and lively" version of a cyberpunk scene and he's certainly achieved his goal. 

3D Environment For Blender 3.6
3D Environment For Blender 3.6

The level of detail in the environment is astounding and every time you look at it, you find something new. From the crowds to the trees to the neon signs, it's clear that a lot of effort has gone into creating this masterpiece.

Neon Signs For Blender 3.6

The level of detail and the sheer number of neon signs in the scene make it a truly unique experience. It's a glimpse into a future world where technology and art collide to create something truly special. 

This cyberpunk megacity is sure to be a hit with 3D art fans and it's sure to inspire others to create their own unique visions of a cyberpunk world. 

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