Fluent 2.1 modeling addon for blender

Fluent 2.1 modeling addon for Blender 3.6

 At the heart of Fluent 2.1 is a powerful modeling addon for Blender 3.6 that gives users the ability to create complex shapes with precision and ease. 

Fluent 2.1
Fluent 2.1 modeling addon for blender
With Fluent 2.1, users can quickly and easily :

  • manipulate polygons.
  • edges. 
  • wireframes. 
with its snappy grid and precision tools. This allows for seamless transitions between complex geometry and provides a great deal of precision when dealing with the intricate angles of 3D space.

Fluent 2.1 Modeling Addon Features

Fluent addon is the ideal solution for those looking to create advanced hard surface work. With Fluent, users can easily cut into archways, and circular doorframes, and even create complex patterns on the bottom of a shoe.

Fluent 2.1 addon for blender
Fluent 2.1 addon for blender
It's perfect for those who work with 3D models on a daily basis, as it provides a great alternative to the standard extrude command.

Fluent 2.1 Blender Addon 

So if you're in need of a powerful cutting tool that can handle the most complex geometry, then Fluent is the ideal choice. With its precision tools and snappy grid, you can modify and manipulate complex shapes with ease. 

So don't settle for a cutter, take your modeling to the next level with Fluent - the ultimate power trip!

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