Download botaniq 6.8 latest version for blender 2023

Botaniq 6.8 for blender, alias the "High & Dry" update is here. We wanted to give you a heads-up about this exciting release ahead of time so that you can enjoy and make the most out of it.

Blender Botaniq 6.8 Mediterranean Climate Assets :

Introducing our latest update packed with over 50 new assets ranging from majestic trees to vibrant shrubs and lush grasses found in dry Mediterranean climates such as American Shrublands, African Savannas, and the Middle East. 

Blender Botaniq 6.8 Mediterranean Climate Assets
Blender Botaniq 6.8 Mediterranean Climate Assets

Botaniq 6.8 Addon Rework of Material System 

The material library has been diligently reworked and cleaned up, which made it possible to finally utilize the attribute system. This change will allow users to harness the full potential of blender botaniq v6.8 materials with ease. 

Gone are the days of repeatedly clicking buttons for every adjustment. Now, it’ll be easy to make real-time modifications on linked assets, effortlessly bringing vision to life. Say goodbye to unnecessary steps and hello to instant feedback. 

Botaniq 6.8 Addon Rework of Material System
Botaniq 6.8 Addon Rework of Material System

Another perk of this change is that blender botaniq addon materials are now finally compatible with Geo-Scatter, so no more weird colors.

Botaniq 6.8 blender addon Integration to Geo-Scatter 

Hold on tight because Botaniq 6.8 blender addon has a mind-blowing collaboration to announce. We've joined forces with Geo-Scatter to take Blender projects to unprecedented heights. So, users will be able to create stunning biomes with just one click!

Now, you may be wondering, what exactly is a biome? Well, it's a collection of 3d assets that naturally go together, like a forest or a desert. Thanks to our collaboration, users can effortlessly add entire forests or breathtaking landscapes to their scenes. 

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