Free Human Base Meshes For Blender 3.6

Free Human Base Meshes For Blender 3.6

For all the character artists out there, the Blender Foundation has released a free asset bundle called Human Base Meshes that will make your life easier and your workflows more efficient. 

Free Human Base Meshes For Blender 3.6
Free Human Base Meshes For Blender 3.6

This bundle includes 17 great Free Human Base Meshes For Blender 3.6 assets, featuring both realistic and stylized male and female models, as well as individual body parts.

Blender Human Base Meshes

Human Base Meshes was designed to simplify character art workflows in Blender, enabling the user to utilize its meshes for sculpting, animation, texturing, and more. By default, the assets are provided as a .blend file but can be exported into many other formats such as USD, Alembic, OBJ, and FBX.

Blender Human Base Meshes For Sculpting

This bundle comes with many great features that can make your work easier and more efficient. It includes :

  •  multi-resolution levels for realistic assets.
  • quad topology for multi-resolution sculpting. 
  • UV maps (including UDIMs)
creased edges and Subdiv modifiers for planar assets, closed volumes for voxel remeshing, and face sets.

Free Human Base Meshes 

Overall, this asset bundle is a great addition to the Blender Foundation’s library and can make character art workflows so much easier and more efficient. If you’re a character artist who uses Blender 3.6, then you should definitely check out Human Base Meshes and see how it can make your workflows simpler and better.

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