Procedural Flowing Water Demo Made in Blender

 When it comes to creating dynamic water effects, CG artists and Blender enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new techniques and methods. 

Procedural Flowing Water Demo Made in Blender
Procedural Flowing Water Demo Made in Blender

Procedural Flowing Water Demo Made in Blender

OfNodesAndNoodles is one such artist and has recently unveiled a fantastic new procedural flowing water demo made in Blender without the use of Geometry Nodes.

Procedural Water Demo Made in Blender

The demo runs at a smooth sixty frames per second in Blender viewport and looks incredibly realistic. The creator has promised to release a tutorial within the next few weeks, though those wishing to get a glimpse of the edge ripples used in the demo can check out the 'Water Layer' section of the video.

Blender Procedural Water without Geometry Nodes. 

In addition, OfNodesAndNoodles has also promised to include the project in their Rain Water system – a set of shader nodes that can create fully procedural water and rain effects from simple geometry without the need for particle systems, fluid simulations, or Geometry Nodes

For those interested in learning more about the process, the artist has also released a comprehensive tutorial, explaining all the steps needed to create the effect.

Realistic water effects in Blender.

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, the demo and tutorial from OfNodesAndNoodles are sure to provide you with some valuable insight into creating realistic water effects in Blender.

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