Realistic Water simulations in Blender 3.6

 Water simulations are always a challenge to set up, especially when trying to achieve something that looks realistic. 

Water simulations in Blender 3.6

with the release of Blender 3.6 LTS and its new Simulation Nodes feature, artists are now able to create highly realistic digital water and water ripples directly in the software.

Water simulations in Blender 4.0
Water simulations in Blender 3.6

water simulation in blender

Recently, Tech Artist and Co-Founder of Physical Addons Mārtiņš Upītis demonstrated how the new nodes can be used to set up a stunning water and water ripples simulation. He was inspired by a technique demonstrated by CG Generalist and Digital Artist Alex "HotdogNugget" Heskett.
Simulation Nodes In Blender 4.0 Alpha
Simulation Nodes In Blender 4.0 Alpha

The setup is driven by the Mesh Proximity node and the wave generation method consists of "blur, subtract, swap buffer, and repeat". The results of this setup are highly realistic, and Mārtiņš plans to extend and improve the setup in the future.

Simulation Nodes In Blender 4.0 Alpha  

The beauty of Blender Simulation Nodes lies in their ability to quickly create complex simulations in a short amount of time with minimal effort. It provides artists with the ability to create realistic water simulations with ease, which makes it a powerful tool for any artist looking to create realistic water effects in their projects.

Blender Simulation Geometry Nodes

Simulation Nodes is a great addition to the already impressive suite of features available in Blender, and it is sure to become an essential tool for creating realistic water effects in the future. 

We highly recommend keeping an eye on Mārtiņš Upītis and HotdogNugget for more updates on Blender Simulation Geometry Nodes and water simulations.
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