Render With Stable Diffusion in Houdini

Stable Diffusion in Houdini 

Generating high-quality images and animations for concept art, matte paintings, visual effects, and other media is now easier with this open-source Stable Houdini toolkit. 

Stable Diffusion in Houdini
 Create Realistic Render With Stable Diffusion in Houdini 

This toolkit integrates Stable Diffusion into Houdini and makes it possible to create detailed 2D images that match the composition of a 3D scene, or to stylize existing video, all without the need for an official Stability AI DreamStudio account.

Render With Ai Stable Diffusion in Houdini

This Houdini plugin uses open-source Stable Diffusion UI AUTOMATIC to run the AI model on a local machine. This makes it possible to control the generative AI model from inside Houdini to create :

  • concept art.
  • matte paintings. 
  • animations.
  • backdrops for real-time strategy games.

ControlNet For Houdini Stable Diffusion

In addition, Stable Houdini can use the open-source ControlNet extension for AUTOMATIC1111 to generate multiple frames or to create simple morphing animations. It can also be used for more general image- or video-processing tasks, like generating normal or depth maps matching the current frame.

Houdini Stable Diffusion
Houdini Stable Diffusion
Stable Houdini SideFX 

Stable Houdini has already been used to great effect on projects at virtual production firm EVR Systems and has been featured by SideFX on the Houdini product website. 

With this toolkit, artists can now generate high-quality images and animations with ease, giving them the freedom to explore more creative possibilities

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