The Best Blender Add-Ons In 2023

 Exploring the Best Blender Add-Ons :

We all know that procedural things like procedural textures, buildings, and effects can make life a lot easier. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced blender user, having the right add-ons can make a big difference in the quality of your work. 

The Best Blender Add-Ons In 2023
The Best Blender Add-Ons In 2023

Thankfully, the Blender Market has a massive selection of add-ons available, and they’re all currently on sale. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best procedural blender add-ons that are currently available and explore how they can help you create amazing 3D models and effects. 

The Sanctus Library Add-On 

The Sanctus Library is an ever-growing library of high-quality procedural materials and textures, with over 375 to choose from and adjustable settings to help you get the perfect look. With the stone tiles floor materials, you can adjust the :

  • offset.
  • surface.
  • water levels.
 while the weathering tiles materials give you the ability to control the number of cracks, missing pieces, and dirtiness. Each month, the library adds new materials, which are categorized in the end panel for easy access. 

The library also includes two shaders and some special shaders, such as animated rain effects. 

Procedural Alleys 

Procedural Alleys addon is a relatively new add-on but it’s already quite popular. This blender addon allows you to quickly and easily create full-on city alley environments with just a few clicks. You can choose between :

  1. front alleys, which are great for adding street lights and power lines.
  2. back alleys, which are narrower and darker with lots of stairs, pipelines, and containers. 
Once you’ve created your alley, you can then customize it to your heart’s content with options such as changing the height and width of each building, adding curtains to windows, and customizing the number and height of signs. 
Procedural Alleys addon
Procedural Alleys addon

Blender 3D modeling software

Blender is a powerful and versatile 3D modeling software that enables users to create amazing 3D models and scenes. With the help of add-ons, Blender users can further enhance their 3D modeling experience and take their projects to the next level. 

In this article, we'll be discussing eight useful add-ons that can help you create complex 3D models and scenes in Blender. 

OCD Add-on: Damage Tool

The OCD add-on is a great tool for adding damage to one or multiple objects in your scene. With the help of this tool, you can easily :

  • adjust the scale and amount of damage.
  • select noise types to apply the changes without sacrificing the object's original integrity. 
The add-on also comes with a number of quick shortcuts to speed up your workflow, and it automatically adds a material layer for the damaged parts that can be quickly modified with materials. 
OCD add-on
OCD add-on
This add-on is perfect for creating realistic 3D objects such as walls, tombs, gravestones, ancient ruins, columns, roadblocks, and more.

RealTime Materials: Over 290 Procedural Materials

Real-Time Materials is another great add-on from Ducky3D that provides users with a vast library of over 290 procedural materials. What makes this addon so useful is that it enables users to quickly apply complex materials in a short period of time, without having to spend hours tweaking nodes. 

The materials are compatible with both :

  • Cycles.
  • Eevee.
 And they can be easily modified to change colors, roughness, and values for the patterns. The library includes a wide range of materials such as metal, glass, wood, leather, surface imperfection, cloth, paint, and more.

Bagapie: Productivity and Workflow Improvement

Bagapie is an interesting add-on that offers a number of tools for improving productivity and workflow, including :

  • scattering tools. 
  • parametric architectural presets. 
  • management and optimization tools. 

The add-on has two versions: the free version and the Bagapai asset version, which includes over 400 assets and demo files. The recent update brought 70 new assets, 60 new biomes for the GeoScatter add-on, a rewritten IV generator, and more.


True Terrain: Create Environments Easily

True Terrain, from TrueVFX, is a great add-on for quickly creating environments in Blender. It allows users to create terrains using Blender built-in add system with provided height maps. 

True Terrain also enables users to :

  • add materials to the terrain.
  • explore up to 165 seamless terrain textures to create realistic landscapes. 
Additionally, users can add snow using the shader and mapping system, and scatter assets and nature across the terrain.
True Terrain
True Terrain

Curvify: Generate Curved Objects

CGMatter Curvify addon allows users to generate curved objects such as barbed wires, chains, clouds, curtains, and feathers. The add-on is based on geometry nodes, so it works seamlessly and is very easy to use. It also provides users with a :

  • free plan, so they can experiment with the add-on and see what it can do.
Curvify addon
Curvify addon

Fractal Machine: Create Mesmerizing Fractals

Fractal Machine, created by BadNormals, is a blender add-on that enables users to create mesmerizing fractals. With this add-on, users can generate various fractals such as :

  • Apollonian and Collinian.
  • Mendebox and Mendebulb.
  • the Quaternion for the Julia fractal. 
Fractal Machine
Fractal Machine
It also comes with 20 presets that allow for quick experimentation and generate an almost limitless variety of shapes.

Urbaniac: Create Cities and Urban Environments

Urbaniac is an addon for Blender 3.6 that enables users to easily create cities and urban environments. It comes with over 180 photorealistic assets made with semi-procedural materials, as well as a dedicated interface that allows users to control the assets. 

Urbaniac addon for blender 3.6
Urbaniac addon for blender 3.6 
Additionally, the semi-procedural materials enable users to achieve results with a high level of customization.

Blender add-ons

These are just a few of the Blender add-ons that can help you create complex 3D models and scenes. With these add-ons, you can save time, streamline your process, and create stunning 3D visuals.

When it comes to creating amazing 3D models and effects, the right add-ons can make a big difference. The two add-ons featured in this article are just two of the many procedural blender add-ons available, and they’re both currently on sale. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced blender user, these add-ons can help you create amazing 3D models and effects in no time

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